How Important is Communication in Project Management?

Communication is vital in project management. There are several groups of people with which the project manager needs to ensure clear and effective communication, the stakeholders, vendors and the project team. This can be pictured as being linked by a web, with the Project Manager at the center. Information flows through and around the web, enabling each participant to fulfill his or her role.

Time and time again in post-project lesson learned assessments, project teams list communication as one of the most needed areas for improvement. Many times on troubled projects, project team members feel that if the communication had been better, the project would have had a better outcome.

As a project manager, questions we should ask our self –
• Am I sending messages out clearly and concisely?
• Do the receivers of my message take the time to understand the message being sent and then take the time to repeat back to the sender their understanding?

The following cartoon illustrates how the deliverables can be wrong due to lack of proper communication –